Total clean up of your solvency data

Zeka vista

499.- CHF

Your loan request is refused. The same for a leasing or phone subscription. Good or bad payers, we are all logged in various registers.

Becoming solvent again isn't an easy task. The process is long and complicated for someone unacquainted with the proceedings. Each code and inscription has its significance and has its own set up to deal with.

Milenia set up ZEKA VISTA to clean your solvency data in the most consulted registers in Switzerland. Registers such as the CRIF, the ZEK and the Prosecution's office register. You will become solvent once more.

Thanks to our expertise, our ZEKA VISTA service is the solution to clean your solvency data. Our solvent clients confirm.

  • We analyze and clean your solvency data
  • We erase old financial prosecutions
  • We update your prosecutions statement
  • We negotiate the type of payment codes you are logged in as (some codes indicate insolvency) on your old loan and update
  • Your solvency data is positive again
  • You are advised personally and have a direct line to our advisors
  • We make you solvent

In other words, we make you solvent and offer you a feeling of freedom once more.


So, convinced?
Our clients tell their story.

We wish to convey our sincerest thanks for your work. Thanks to your intervention, we can finally sleep well again. We can order things freely once more and apply for appartments without a second thought. Thank you everyone.


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