Unemployment, income incapacity following an accident or health issues. Your professional life is full of unforseeables.

It doesn't always happen to someone else. Milenia helps you and your family maintain your standard of living in case of unemployment thanks to Helvetia Income Protect.


Protect yourself and your family in case of loss of income

In Switzerland, the mandatory redundancy insurance system (AC) will compensate your salary up to 70% of its monthly total calculated on the average of the past 6 months if you have no children and up to 80% if you are a parent.

If you have a monthly net salary of CHF 5'400.- you will only receive CHF 3'780.- compensation per month.

This difference in salary can be brutal to handling your invoices, insurances, health costs, phone costs… Maintaining your standard of living becomes difficult and debt rises quickly.

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Helvetia Income Protect Insurance: The benefits

The Helvetia Income Protect Insurance protects you in case of income loss by providing:

  • Additional revenue of between CHF 500.- to CHF 2'000.- per month based on your choice
  • A complementary revenue of between 20% and 30% based on your previous salary in case of unemployment
  • The possibility of completing your salary in case of income incapacity.
  • Affordable insurance premiums regardless of age or type of work
  • A simplified subscription, without a health check
  • You won't have to dig in your savings to cover your income loss
  • No committment over time. You can opt out when you want to
  • No payment reductions due to the intervention of other insurance policies



What are the terms?

In case of work incapacity:

You may not subscribe to the Helvetia Income Protect Insurance solution if you have suffered pre-existing health issues or had an accident in the past 12 months.

Income incapacity is considered as of the date confirmed by your doctor.

There is no qualifying period in case of work incapacity and you will be covered 3 months after the incapacity (waiting period) for a maximum period of 12 monthly installments by accident case and a total of 24 months if contractually based.

In case of unforeseen unemployment:

You may not subscribe to the Helvetia Income Protect Insurance solution if you have been unemployed within the past 12 months or if you had less than 30 hours a week of work.

Once subscribed to the Helvetia Income Protect Insurance, there is a 3 month qualifying period during which you will not be covered and a 3 month waiting period after unemployment begins.

You will then be covered for 12 monthly installments maximum per case or for maximum 24 months by contractual duration.

Please note that premiums need to be paid during the work incapacity period or unemployment.

Monthly installments as of CHF 1300 require a minimum annual revenue. For example, CHF 85'000.- of revenue for CHF 1300.- of coverage.

This minimum revenue required is raised by CHF 5000.- by each additional block of CHF 100.- for monthly coverage.

You can download the brochure here to have more information on the terms of service.

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