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Who are we?

Based in Lausanne, Milenia is active in the fields of loans and personal financial management.

Milenia has a team of 14 members who are committed to ensuring quality work, discretely and courteously. We are dedicated to proposing the best offers available in terms of personal loans, financial and budget management, unemployment insurance in Switzerland.

At its head, with 15 years of experience, Jérémie Monney started his career in 2005 working for the biggest Swiss banks. That was before founding his company active in loans, financial management and financial coaching. Today, he heads the loans department at Milenia.

Marc Tissot, financial director and head of Solvable, with a solid experience spanning years of expertise in the Financial Prosecution's office and the legal departments of major Swiss banks. He has also worked in the validation departments for loans and leasings.

Milenia proposes all available offers on the market, beneficial budget management and personal loans from 4% to 9,9%, from 6 to 120 months. Milenia handles all the paperwork and advises you diligently, whatever your request.

or hidden fees

Our mission

We handle all the paperwork and offer a personalized approach. Simplicity and speed. Thanks to our priviliged agreements with the biggest Swiss banks, we can offer the best monthly installments on the market, including great terms; simply and quickly.

Milenia makes your life easier! Hand us over the paperwork, get comfortable and realize your projects with peace of mind.

7 fundamentals

  1. The best terms on the market
    Milenia is continuously in touch with the biggest Swiss bank and institutions. Our volume of dealings allow us to benefit from the best terms available on the market.

  2. Quick
    Thanks to your priviliged links with the biggest banks, we are able to get a reply and move ahead with realizing your project within 24 hours.

  3. Experience
    Our expertise in the financial sector allows us to know if a case can be processed or not. You won't lose time or lose any money.

  4. Enhancing your chances of success
    Thanks to our experience, we prepare your financial situation in such a way that it leads to the best pricing. We use the best arguments to defend your case.

  5. Independence
    You keep your independence every step of the way. You can renounce our services, whatever the progress of your cases. No fee required. That is a promise.

  6. Efficiency
    The negotiation of the best terms with the banks and institutions. That's what we do. Our longstanding relationship with these organizations give us quick access to the best solutions.

  7. Simplicity
    Paperwork dealings with the administration can be a headache. We simplify proceedings and technicity. You only have one monthly installment and one person of contact.


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Loan illustration: loan of CHF 10'000.-. Effective annual interests rates between 4% and 9,95% over a 12 month period lead to total interests of between CHF 318.- and CHF 524.-. Duration: 6-120 months; Maximum annual interest rate (including all loan handling costs) 9,95%. Loans approval are prohibited if they lead to excess debt for the consumer. (Art. 3 LCD)