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In 2015, in Switzerland, 624'967 financial prosecutions were registered (+130 % in 10 years). Each month, we meet people who don't know how to get out of debt or how to comply with the payment orders they receive. Their first reflex is to take out a loan but in many cases, it is impossible to contract a loan if you are under financial prosecution in Switzerland. Milenia can negotiate the best terms possible with the Prosecution's office so as to help you feel more serene.

“I had a few financial prosecution cases ongoing and didn't see a way out. You were able to deal with the authorities and I was able to pay off my debt. I still have some to pay but I do feel more at ease now. It's getting better.”



Spread the payment of your invoices - Milenia

Our service covers 4 steps:

  • We analyze your financial situation and your debt together
  • We find the best solutions with the creditors concerned and we plan spread payments of your invoices
  • We regroup your debt in one monthly installment adapted to your income and we become your only person of contact
  • Reminders are over, no more phone calls from your creditors and no more administrative hassle. We handle everything.
  • + than 1’500clients out
    of debt

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Hidden fees

Our mission

We handle all the paperwork and we deal with your case in a tailored, efficient and swift manner. Thanks to our partnerships with the biggest banks in Switzerland, we can offer the best installment conditions available on the market.

Milenia makes your life easier! Hand us over your paperwork, get back to enjoying your life and make your dreams come true.

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We guarantee results within 30 days

We formally commit to bring you out of debt and if this commitment fails within 30 days, we reimburse all of the administrative fees. Whatever happens, you can stop when you like without cost.

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